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Registration Information

The parent or legal guardian of each student must submit the following documents to enroll in Calumet Public School District 132:

New Students
  • Original birth certificate
  • IEP/Special Education Services
  • Guardian/custody order (if applicable)
  • Physical exam/immunizations
  • Dental exam
  • Vision exam
  • Student transfer/exit form
Returning Students
  • Physical Exams are required for all Kindergarten and 6th grade students.
  • Dental exams required for all students
Residency Requirements - any 3 of the following:
  • Mortgage/Lease agreement
  • Current Illinois Driver's License/State ID
  • Current property tax bill
  • Voter's Registration card
  • Current payroll check stub
  • Utility bill: gas, electric, and/or water
  • Phone bill
  • Cable or satellite bill
  • Vehicle Registration
Share Residency* - any 1 of the following:
  • Change of address form
  • Illinois Driver's License/State ID
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Business letters/statements
  • Shared Residency form
*You will be required to meet with the District Liaison or Representative.