The Teaching and Learning Department of Calumet Public School District 132 encompasses curriculum, instruction, assessments, professional development, training, data, research and compliance.  The district is committed to quality instruction and learning for all students.  Our main focus is student achievement, which is achieved through quality teaching and learning. Our teaching practices are grounded in research-based strategies and the Common Core Curriculum.

    Student Achievement is monitored through the use of frequent assessments. Assessments link classroom content and skills to the Common Core Standards.  Individual student growth against these standards is measured through Incremental Assessments as well as a Comprehensive Assessment at the end of each school year. These assessments not only prepare students for the PARCC Assessment in the spring of each school year, but they also provide an opportunity to measure the academic growth of students over time. 

    In Calumet Public School District 132 we strive to be more responsive to students' needs by utilizing differentiated instructional strategies.  Differentiated Instructional Strategies allow teachers to vary instruction based on student readiness, interests and learning profile.  In addition, teachers incorporate a variety of instructional strategies that, according to research, have a high probability of increasing student achievement.

    Calumet Public School District 132 believes that continual support for our teachers is essential and that Professional Development with research based practices for our staff members helps teachers stay current in order to assist our students’ needs. The district utilizes Professional Learning Communities to assist in the continuous improvement of teacher’s knowledge and skills.