Welcome to the Technology Department!

  • The Technology Department is committed to researching and acquiring the best technology resources for Calumet Public School District 132 in order to advance teaching, learning, and student achievement through experiences with technology. Our goal is to provide current technology for students and staff, as well as promote 21st Century Learning skills. 

    The department strives to provide professional development and training to staff to support and ensure the effective use and integration of technology into the classroom curriculum.

Contact Us

  • Ms. Echelle  Mohn                Director of Technology    emohn@sd132.org          (708)388-8920 ext 4838

    Zozo Tumur                               IT Consultant                   zozo@sd132.org                 (708)388-8820 Ext 4850

    Brian Enkhee                            IT Consultant                    brian@sd132.org                (708)388-8820 Ext 4850

    Tru                                            IT Consultant                   tru@sd132.org                  (708) 388-8820 ext 4819