• Calumet Public School District 132

    Bilingual/ESL Programs


    English Language Learners in Calumet Public School District 132 will graduate prepared and responsible young people with the necessary high school, college, and career skills needed to be productive citizens.


    Our mission is to ensure that all English Language Learners achieve their highest potential through rigorous academic opportunities in English by providing research-based instructional practices that address their effective linguistic and academic needs.

    Calumet Public School District 132’s Guiding Principles for Bilingual and ESL Programs are as follows:

    •  Being proficient in their first and second language produces higher academic achievement.
    • Language proficiency means having both basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language skills.
    •  Academic proficiency in the first language forms the basis for academic proficiency in the second language.
    •  A second language is learned through lots of exposures that are comprehensible in a supportive environment.
    • When students feel good about themselves, their achievement improves.


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