Art Club - Fashion


    Instructor: Ms. Ivey

    Who: Participants are grades 6th -8th; 10 students

    What: Fashion; Fashion and design art allows an open platform for self-expression. This class will promote an understanding of fashion while educating students on terminology and learning and enhancing skills. This hands-on experience will allow for creativity. The goal is to create an educational environment that will allow students to grow while creating functional apparels.

    When: Thursday’s; 3:00pm – 5:30pm; Program will start October 8, 2020

    Where: Program conducted via Zoom

    How: To make sure this program achieves its purpose remotely, we will provide students with an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere. Students will be provided with a take home bag that includes fabric, paints, materials, sewing tools etc.; all materials that will allow students to be successful in the program. We will meet via zoom, review materials, sew, crochet, review and learn terms, learn about fashion, and create together as we would in class. I will still assist and guide students with sewing or other projects as I would if we were face to face. Students will be allowed to express themselves and show their creativity.  We will recruit students by word of mouth, after school director sending memo’s and over school website.