• FAQs

    How does a student receive assignments for an eLearning day?

    • Teachers will post assignments by 9 a.m. to Google Classroom and can arrange in advance how assignments will be communicated and completed. 

    How does my student get Chromebook support?

    How is attendance taken?

    • Attendance is taken when students sign in to Google Classroom for the day.

    What if my student cannot find the assignments or needs help to navigate D132 systems on the eLearning Day?

    • Students that need assistance with District 132 specific applications or equipment can email help@sd132.org with details of the issue.

    What if my student doesn't have access to Chromebook?

    • If students do not have access to a Chromebook or other internet-connected device on an eLearning day, they email help@sd132.org.

     What type of device can students use for the eLearning Day?

    • eLearning day activities can be completed using various forms of technology, such as a District 132 provided Chromebook, iPad, personal computer, smartphone, or other mobile devices.

    What will students be expected to do on eLearning days?

    • Teachers work to create relevant, meaningful, and manageable assignments for students that reflect the State Learning Standards, on eLearning days. Activities will be varied according to the course, subject, skills, and knowledge involved in the lesson.