• Remote Learning Plan for Calumet Public School District 132


    How will District 132 implement remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    • A remote learning day is defined by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) as an educational program designed to provide continuation of learning for students under conditions that prohibit the learner and instructor from being in the same physical space. Calumet Public School District 132 follows the Remote Learning Recommended Guidelines During Covid-19 Emergency (March 27, 2020 Final Draft), including essential instruction recommendations, grading recommendations and communication recommendations.

    Accessibility of the remote instruction to all students enrolled in the school or district.

    • In order to provide remote instruction, Calumet Public School District has provided iPads and Chromebook devices to any student in need of a device for instruction. Assignments are posted by teachers in Google Classroom by 9 a.m. The district follows ISBE’s guidelines regarding engagement in remote learning.

    When applicable, a requirement that the Remote Learning Days activities reflect the State learning standards.

    • Teachers provide learning activities reflective of the State Learning Standards

    Means for students to confer with an educator, as necessary. This is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

    • Teachers communicate virtual meeting details prior to the meetings and make themselves available to confer with students at prescheduled times.

    Meeting the unique needs of students in special populations, including, but not limited, students eligible for special education under Article 14 of the Code, students who are English learners, as defined by Section 14C-2 of the Code, students experiencing homelessness under the Education for Homeless Children Act [105 ILCS 45], or vulnerable student populations.

    • Calumet Public School District 132 provides all services identified in the student’s IEP, 504 Plan and English Learner Plan. Any District 132 homeless student receives allowable services identified in the McKinney Vento Homeless Children Act {105 ILC 45}.

    Transition Plan

    • Calumet Public School District 132 will follow the recommendations by ISBE as we transition from remote learning to on-site learning upon the State Superintendent's declaration that Remote Learning Days are no longer deemed necessary.



    • The ISBE recommendation states that “grading should focus on the continuation of learning and prioritize the connectedness and care for students and staff.  All students will have the opportunity to redo, makeup, or try again to complete, show progress, or attempt to complete work assigned prior to the remote learning period in that time frame.”


    Continued Collaboration

    • We will continue to collaborate to clarify procedural items as we implement this remote learning plan. We are grateful for the ongoing flexibility, compassion, and dedication of our staff as we navigate these uncertain times.

    Technology Support

    • Technical support will be available from school and district technology staff by accessing the Help Desk through email at help@sd132.org. When an email is submitted a work ticket is created and assigned to technology staff who will be working throughout the day to address technology concerns.