Meet Our Superintendent

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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Doctorate of Education - Vanderbilt University Master of Science Degree - University of Kansas Bachelor of Science Degree - University of Arkansas Certificates: Post Doctorate - Harvard University National Staff Development Council Graduate National Diversity Trainer Graduate of the Nat'l Superintendent's Prepared Program

Dr. Elizabeth H. Reynolds


Public education is, and must remain, a central focus of our community. It is the most important investment we can make in our future. In Calumet School District 132, we are laying a foundation for educational excellence that will ensure that our students leave us ready to enter high school fully prepared.

Our schools are exciting places! Our children are working hard and our achievement will improve. Dedicated teachers, principals and administrators are focusing on students and student achievement. We have implemented district-wide standards. Our standards clearly define what we want our students to know and be able to do in specific content areas. Representing beliefs about our students' abilities to think and learn, our standards support our commitment to strive for excellence.

Our standards are based on the conviction that all students are learners who are active and resourceful members of their communities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of educators to provide students with learning opportunities that connect their personal worlds to the world of learning in school. Equally important are the responsibilities of students and their families to support the efforts of educators in the teaching and learning processes.

District 132's standards provide a framework for teachers and parents to compare what students are learning to what is valued as important knowledge by the educational community. They produce an instructional "wish list" of expectations for students. They indicate broad "benchmarks" to evaluate the extent to which students reach those expectations. Our standards also provide criteria for evaluating the quality of instructional materials and teaching practices available to students.

As we move forward, I see a school district that is based on high standards and expectations for all students. Representing beliefs about our students' abilities to think and learn, our academic standards support our theme of, "HIGH EXPECTATIONS PRODUCE POSITIVE RESULTS".

I hope you will join the Board of Education, my colleagues and me on this journey to public school excellence in Calumet School District 132.