Calumet Public School District 132

High Expectations Produce Positive Results


Calumet School District 132 Foundation, Inc. Contributions

  • Thank you for your donation to the Calumet Public School District 132 Foundation, Inc. 

    Your contribution will be used to support District 132 students. Your continuous financial support plays a critical role in ensuring the development of students who are meeting “high expectations” with “positive results”.


Mission Statement: The Foundation is committed to providing Calumet Public School District 132 students and staff with support in order to enhance educational welfare for the advancement of students.


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Single place to donate for any needs of student, staff and building of School District 132 

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Donators become individual or business board members 

Your donation will be used to contribute to the district at the point of need 

Name plates of individual or business is posted on the walls in the corridor of Calumet Middle School 



Reduce taxable income 

Your donation will allow you to reduce individual or business taxable income annually 

Your donation will be more effective in improving the needs of School District 132 

All student, staff and parents will know that you are a contributor to the success of School District 132 



Please become a partner with the Calumet Public School District 132 Foundation today!  To contact the Foundation, please call Julie Stearns at (708) 257-5428 or by email at